Calling the Office

We welcome and encourage you to call the office if you have a problem or question. You may also e-mail your doctors nurse through the ‘ask a nurse’ icon. In order for us to prioritize calls, we ask patients to let the receptionist know the nature of your problem or questions, the receptionists have no medical background and should only be given the topic. The details of your problem should only be discussed with your nurse or doctor. Genuine emergencies are our first priority. Urgent calls are handled as soon as possible, and non-emergent calls are returned as time permits throughout the day and after office hours. Obstetrical calls will be called back the same day and gyn calls within 24 hours. Please give telephone numbers with area code where you can be reached during both business and evening hours. If your phone is equipped with caller ID, please let it accept blocked calls when you are expecting a call from our office.