Our Physicians share on-call responsibilites. If you need to speak to a doctor after regular office hours, our answering service will contact the physician on-call and your call will be returned within 30 minutes. Sometimes the signals fail, so if you do not get called back, lease call the service again. — To reach the answering service call our office number at (912) 355-7766.
Drs. Schlafstein, Paasch, Barrett and Tucker are in our call group, as well as Drs. Edwards, and Pettigrew.

When contacting the office or on-call physician, it may be important to know the phone number of a pharmacy near your home (if after hours, it may need to be the nearest 24hr pharmacy) and the name of your hospital your insurance has approved. If your phone is equipped with caller ID please set it to accept blocked calls when you are expecting a call from us.

If you need more emergent assistance, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room or Labor and Delivery.

For non-urgent concerns, please call our office during regular business hours when your records are available.